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android browser support

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  • Feb 10 2019
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    Guest commented
    10 Feb 14:11
    Buildin browser and firefox klar with android 6 not working. Shows only a blank page.
  • Admin
    Jeff H commented
    12 Feb 16:59

    We haven't had this issue show up in QA, I would imagine it's a lack of javascript rendering on the device for one reason or another.


    Could you provide device details?

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    Guest commented
    13 Feb 10:38
    I have some tested ( Device: Moto X (ghost) Android 6.0.1 LineageOS Build-in Browser 42.0.2311.1185 (blank page, no JS blocking) Firefox Klar 6.1.1 (blank page, also without JS blocking) Firefox 65.0.1 (working) IceCatMobile 60.5.0 (working, with JS allowed for I think I'll use this one now :)