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Voting icons on Leaderboard/Active Proposals pages

One reason why I continue to use Dash Central for my voting is that it is easy to see which proposals I have already voted on and which ones still need my attention (the 'Please vote' icons that appear on the Active Proposals page).  On Nexus, from the Leaderboard or Active Proposals pages I need to open each proposal individually to see if I have already voted.  This is much more confusing and time consuming.  Is there a plan to add a similar functionality to Nexus?
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  • Mar 15 2019
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    Jeff H commented
    19 Mar 04:38

    That feature is actually already there in the Active Proposals area.


    It's in the filter area.

  • Admin
    yuri bear commented
    15 Jun 20:07

    Hi Tim,

    We recently added Voting Arrows to the leaderboard, which do exactly what you suggested :)

    We are also planning on adding them to the Active Proposals area in an upcoming release.