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Add a way to show my proposal votes

I'd like a way to see all the proposals I've voted on as well as what my vote was. If this can show historical proposals and my vote that is even better.

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  • Mar 31 2019
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    Jeff H commented
    28 May 19:42

    This is something that we'll be working on in the next sprint. I would consider it as something that we'll progressively enhance in that we'll start by adding vote history for all proposals that are on Nexus, and then we'll work on adding votes from the past via dashninja's history and dashcentral's proposal history.

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    yuri bear commented
    15 Jun 20:04

    We recently added 'Voting Arrows' to the leaderboard, which are visible to users who have registered their voting keys on Dash Nexus.
    These voting arrows automatically sync with your vote history and will show whether you voted Yes or No on a proposal (and will remain grey if you haven't).

    At the moment, this feature is limited to the current budget cycle, but we plan on expanding the platform's functionality to include past proposals in a future release.

    Thanks again for your feedback!!