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Encourage users to shift from DashCentral to DashNexus

When another platform launches, user attention gets divided, weakening community synergy/discussion/ideas. Dash treasury has spent a lot of money on DN, and it needs to continue to improve to make it worth it, IMO.
I propose that steps should be taken to make DashNexus more appealing, so everyone can congregate in one place. Right now, the majority of discussion still seems to be happening on DashCentral. Here are my proposals to help integrate the platforms better:
1. Display comments on each Proposal's Overview (at least the latest few comments). This more closely matches what DashCentral offers.
2. Make 'Community Discussion' the default when clicking Discussion, and encourage most conversation to happen in Community. MNO+PO discussion should be the extra 'bonus' category, with narrower content that requires extra clicks. (If you disagree, then at least when there is none then hide the MNO+PO tab and/or make Community the default in that case)
3. Integrate DashCentral comments directly into DashNexus. Whenever a comment is posted on a DashCentral proposal, import it into DashNexus. This may be difficult to implement/design well, but the idea is to make it so users only need to go to one place (DashNexus) and not 'fear' they are missing out on important discussion on DashCentral. This makes DN the preferred site and reduces the need to split attention with DC.
Further, when discussion does happen on a DN proposal, then a bot should post on the corresponding DC proposal that discussion is happening, with a link directly to that discussion on DN, so everyone on DC can more easily know to move over here to continue the discussion.
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  • Jul 24 2019
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    Jeff H commented
    July 26, 2019 20:02

    We've got a number of features planned for the discussion tools.

    However, I would like to avoid posting comments back and forth via bots. It's not a very elegant solution, and I think it would ultimately lead to a reduction in platform quality without implementing a bunch of additional features around "merging" and "claiming" accounts on Nexus and vice-versa.

    With that said, we understand your concerns and share many of them ourselves which is why we'll be working to address them as well as any other perceived barriers to increasing usage on Nexus.