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Hire developers yourself.

For Nexus to be a sustainable successful project they need to hire developers directly not through an agency. You want the expertises in house. With the agency model you are paying the agency and giving them the expertises.
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  • Dec 29 2018
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    Guest commented
    December 29, 2018 04:56

    Yeah hire developers yourself who are willing to ramp up and down working on your project based on available funding and who don’t go find other more lucrative or stable jobs. Also please find developers who are familiar with the current Nexus code base and are as good (no wait, way better) for less money than’s obvious! Why haven’t you already done this??? 

    I think the Nexus Team should hire a new Nexus Team to hire new in-house developers and do this thing right.

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    yuri bear commented
    December 29, 2018 05:02

    We couldn't agree more that expanding our in-house team is necessary for the long-term sustainability of the project!

    We also agree that it is important to retain the knowledge and expertise while building the product. We are striving to grow our team, bring in more talent, and ensure that all knowledge is not only retained, but also redundant within the team.

    However in the current market conditions, we are not in a position to build up a buffer that would allow us to hire additional full-time employees. In order for us to create and maintain in-house team of talented engineers, a 3-6 month buffer would be necessary. 

    With STRV, we are able to scale our team size based on the resources that are available that month. This is a massive advantage of continuing to work with an agency, especially while prices are volatile and resources are limited. 

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    yuri bear commented
    10 Oct 02:07

    We have successfully transitioned to an in-house team