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Let proposal owners commit to what to do when the Dash price changes

An important question to ask every proposal owner is what they will do when the Dash price goes up or down.
Will they take on that risk themselves? Will change change scope? Will they come back and ask for more.
All of them are potentially fine but it's critical to know in advance and so I think it should be part of the information that's required to create a proposal.
Similarly we should ask them what they will do if costs turn out to be higher or lower than expected.
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  • Dec 29 2018
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    yuri bear commented
    January 02, 2019 17:57

    We plan to implement this as an extension of the Budget step during the proposal creation process. Here is what we currently have planned:

    Price Volatility Scenarios - used by the Proposal Owner (PO) to indicate their intent in the event the price of Dash changes (down or up). There will be several options the PO could choose from:

    • Assume risk/benefit - PO guarantees completion of work regardless of price movements.
    • Increase/decrease scope - PO will change scope based on price movements (adding or removing features for dev projects; increasing or decreasing ad budget for marketing projects; etc)
    • Return for funding/donate extra to X organization - PO will post another proposal asking for additional funding in the event price drops below the contingency. If the price increases, PO will donate excess funds to some other Dash organization (Core/DashBoost/Nexus/etc..)
    • Custom - If the PO has a plan that is not covered in the suggested options.

    It would be great to hear your feedback on whether this addresses your suggestion or if there is anything you would suggest we modify in our approach.