Ideas and Feedback

Share your ideas and vote on them with your fellow users to provide feedback to the Nexus team.

Private forum for MNO's to brainstorm together with: a) Threads b) upvotes/downvotes for threads + comments

Discord is lacking:

a) Threads (Discord ---> is a fast moving coffee-talk style of chat)

b) upvotes/downvotes on each Thread + each comments


Reddit is lacking:

- private (Reddit--> is public and therefore if MNO's are brainstorming on there the strategy ideas are being given away publicly to competitors)


Forum is lacking:

- private

- indented comments, a.k.a. threaded-comments (Forum is very clunky to read)

- has no upvotes/downvotes for each Thread and comments

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  • Jan 15 2019
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